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Immigration cases can have serious consequences for immigrants and their families. Knowing your legal options can make the difference between success and denial, which is why we offer free consultations for qualified immigration cases. Consultations provide a confidential opportunity for an attorney to review eligibility for immigration benefits. Our office is bilingual in English and Spanish and can offer interpretation for many other languages as well as American Sign Language.

Consultations are available either in person at our office in Austin, Texas, or remotely by phone or video anywhere in the world. Due to high demand, we are only able to schedule consultations for qualified cases at this time. Qualified cases are ones that fit within the case types or subject areas that our office currently handles. We are able to represent people in the following case types and areas:

  • Applications for citizenship, naturalization, and US passports
  • Permanent resident green card renewal, replacement, and removal of conditions
  • Petitions for family, adjustment of status, and green card applications either in the US or abroad
  • Asylum and humanitarian benefits for victims of crime or abuse
  • Waivers or immigration pardons, I-601 and I-212 applications
  • DACA renewal applications
  • Temporary Protected Status applications (TPS) and renewals
  • Immigration court deportation defense, immigration bonds, and cancellation of removal applications
  • Mandamus litigation
  • Appeals of denied USCIS or immigration court cases

For general information about coming to the United States either temporarily or permanently please review this article. Consultations are only to discuss specific cases and not for general information about the US immigration system, form review, or discussing hypothetical situations. In order to better serve our clients, we are not able to accept every consultation request that we receive.

How to request a consultation

To request a free immigration consultation you can either contact the office directly by phone at (512) 593-8258, or through WhatsApp at the same number. One of our intake specialists will determine if you have a qualifying case and schedule your consultation. You can also request a consultation directly using the below button. Please include a detailed description of your case or question; we will not be able to schedule the consultation if we cannot determine what type of matter it is.

Immigration Law Experience

The attorneys at the Law Office of Joseph Muller have more than a decade of combined immigration legal experience. The office is based in Austin, Texas, and can serve clients remotely anywhere in the United States or internationally.

Attorney Joseph Muller has handled a wide range of immigration cases and has served thousands of clients in the following types of benefits:

  • Applications for U.S. Citizenship, naturalization, and U.S. Passports
  • Green card applications and I-485 adjustment of status applications
  • Consular processing for family seeking green cards from outside the U.S.
  • Benefits for victims of abuse and crime, such as VAWA, U-Visa, and T-Visa applications
  • Asylum applications before USCIS and in immigration court
  • Defense against deportation
  • Release from immigration detention with bond hearings and parole
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  • Work permits
  • Litigation in federal court for review of denied immigration benefits
  • Habeas corpus petitions for people who are detained in violation of the law

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