US Citizenship Office in Austin – Is There a USCIS Office in Austin, Texas?


US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) operates many offices across the United States and even internationally. You can check for the nearest USCIS Office at As of today, USCIS does not have an immigration office in Austin, Texas, despite many immigrants living in the area.

There are many USCIS offices in Texas. Most people living in Austin, Texas, have to travel to San Antonio, Texas, for USCIS services. For example, US Citizenship applications filed by those living in Austin, Texas and surrounding cities will have their interviews scheduled in San Antonio, Texas. Perhaps someday USCIS will open an office in Austin, but there are already USCIS offices in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, which may make that a lower priority for USCIS.

ASC Biometrics Appointments in Austin, Texas

Many immigration applications require biometrics, which are just fingerprints and photos, and these appointments can be done in Austin, Texas. It’s best to follow the instructions on the biometrics appointment letter, also called an ASC Appointment, for the acronym Application Support Center. USCIS contracts to provide biometrics services at the ASC in northwest Austin, located at Parkline Plaza Shopping Center, 11301 Lakeline Boulevard, Suite 150, Austin, TX 78717. Fortunately, that means that most people don’t have to travel to San Antonio for fingerprints.

Scheduling In-Home Visits from USCIS or for Biometrics for Individuals Who Need Accommodations

Traveling to San Antonio can be a real hardship for some people. There are extreme circumstances where someone can actually request both biometrics and USCIS interviews to be conducted in another location, even in one’s own home. They do this, for example, for people who are disabled and unable to travel, or who would suffer serious hardships to travel. Requesting this kind of accommodation can delay a process but it’s an important option for people in that kind of situation.

To schedule such an accommodation it may be best to contact USCIS directly at the USCIS Customer Support number: 1 (800) 375-5283.