U Visa Applications Rejected for Incompleteness and Form Errors

Blank Form

USCIS has recently started strictly enforcing form instructions that require completely filling out forms, which has caused a great deal of confusion and extra work. Most USCIS forms require that every single question that is not optional is answered in some fashion, even if that means writing “none” or “N/A” (not applicable). Many people are unaware of this requirement and simply do not answer form questions that they do not understand or do not think apply. If a form is incomplete, USCIS may simply reject and return the entire application. This is extremely unfortunate and problematic, and results in serious delays that can severely prejudice U Visa applicants

USCIS currently has a warning posted on the page for form I-918 to warn applicants of this:

ALERT: We may reject your Form I-918 or your Form I-918 Supplement A if you leave a field blank, unless the field is optional. Optional fields include the safe mailing address as well as fields you should only complete if you answered yes to a previous question. You must provide a response to all other questions, even if the response is “none,” “unknown” or “n/a.”  We will reject a Form I-918 or a Form I-918 Supplement A that has, for example, an empty field for middle name, for current immigration status, or for information pertaining to a spouse or child.


Because these rules are being strictly enforced now, it’s important to closely review all forms and make sure that each and every space has something in it. In many cases, writing “N/A” is easy enough, but it is difficult for many applicants to know exactly what the form questions are asking and how to answer them. Working with an attorney during this process is highly recommended.