USCIS Preparing to Reopen Offices


US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced on May 26, 2020 that it would begin reopening its public offices. Starting on June 4, 2020 USCIS offices will gradually start to reopen with new procedures and protections against the coronavirus. Most USCIS public offices have been completely closed with rare exceptions only for very urgent cases; however, USCIS service centers have continued working on cases which can be processed without an interview.

As USCIS offices reopen, applicants should be prepared for slower processing, more social distance, and most likely some inconveniences. USCIS officers may no longer be across the desk from interviewees, and might appear over video even when in the same building. Applicants may need to wait in their cars until just before their interviews begin, and waiting rooms will likely be less full. This will be a significant difference for an agency like USCIS, which processes hundreds of thousands of applications and conducts many in-person interviews.

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