USCIS Proposing Changes to Form I-864


USCIS is proposing revisions to its affidavit of support forms, including the widely-used form I-864. You can review the proposed changes here:

The changes are consistent with the implementation of the public charge rule and attempts to restrict family-based immigration. That is being done principally through requesting more and more sensitive information which tends to discourage people from completing the process. Although the changes may seem small individually, each change imposes new and burdensome requirements that on the whole restrict people from applying for benefits and create new ways to deny them benefits. Some noteworthy changes in this proposed revision include:

  • Relationship between sponsor and the immigrant is now being requested, consistent with USCIS and DOS tending to prefer family as sponsors even though it is not legally required
  • Sponsor bank account information is now required. This extremely sensitive information will undoubtedly discourage people from wanting to complete this form.
  • Soliciting more information about previously sponsored immigrants
  • Optional credit report information
  • Greatly expanded sponsor certification portion that more clearly explains the sponsor’s legal obligations
  • Requires a sponsor to have the form notarized

You can review the proposed changes and submit a comment here.