LRIF, Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness relief for certain Liberians and their family

Green Cards

Time is running out for certain Liberians and their family to apply for Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness green cards! All applications must be filed by December 20, 2020 to be considered. USCIS has stated that applications must be received by them by this date in order to be considered. Read more about USCIS’ official guidance at

What is LRIF, the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness statute?

The National Defense Authorization Act signed into law on December 20, 2019, allows a new way for certain Liberians and their family to become lawful permanent residents. This means that some Liberians are now eligible for a special path to getting a green card. The new law only authorizes eligible people to file for one year, meaning that it is essential for anyone who might qualify for this process to review their eligibility and file their applications as soon as possible.

The law contains several important features:

  • Exempts applicants from the grounds of inadmissibility found in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) at Section 212(a)(4), (5), (6)(A), and (7)(A). This includes people who might normally be considered a “public charge,” who entered the US without authorization or admission, and who lack valid travel documents such as a passport
  • Allows adjustment of status even for those who have been ordered removed, deported, or excluded from the US
  • Requires continuous presence in the US from November 20, 2014 onward
  • Allows for a stay of removal for those with pending applications
  • Prevents the government from deporting many people who have pending applications
  • Allows for those with pending applications to work
  • Does not impact the number of visas available to other visa applicants

Anyone who believes they might be included should consult with an immigration attorney to review their situation.