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Austin Immigration Lawyer Joseph Muller

Austin Immigration Lawyer Joseph Muller

Working with an experienced immigration lawyer is the best way to ensure that your case is a success. Immigration issues are complicated and can have serious consequences. Austin immigration lawyer Joseph Muller offers free consultations, affordable payment plans, and brings more than eight years of experience as an immigration lawyer assisting thousands of clients.

The office is located in Austin, Texas, but consultations are available anywhere by phone or video. You can schedule a free immigration consultation today by calling (512) 593-8258 or by clicking the online scheduling buttons below. Attorney Joseph Muller offers free consultations because everyone deserves to know their rights and to understand their immigration process.

Your case deserves individualized and professional attention – don’t settle for working with legal assistants or immigration consultants. It’s important to work with a lawyer who is passionate and knowledgeable about immigration law, and who has the experience with similar cases to be able to guide you through your own process. Joseph Muller has extensive immigration law experience and provides honest case assessments. Schedule a free consultation today to decide if Joseph Muller is the best immigration lawyer for your case.

US Citizenship

US Citizenship

US Citizenship lawyer helping with naturalization, certificates of citizenship, passports, and derivative citizenship for family.

Green Cards and Family

Green Card and Permanent Residency

US Green Card lawyer helping with residency applications, green card applications abroad, and family petitions for spouses, children, parents and siblings.

Business Immigration

Employment and Business Immigration

Employment based and business immigration applications, including H-1B applications, I-140 petitions, adjustment of status, and investment visas.

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Free Immigration Consultation in Austin TX

Attorney Joseph Muller offers free consultations for immigration law matters. Consultations are available by phone, video, or in person at the office. Schedule now using the buttons below.

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